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How to make aluminum cnc prototyping products?

 Processing of Aluminum Prototyping includes the following steps:


1, Design drawings:  drawings are mostly designed by professional designers. Customers should provide us detailed drawings. We can open 3D models with IGS, STEP, STP, X-T formats.


2. Programming and cnc machining: Our programmers will analyze customers’ 3D models, and figure out the most reasonable processing methods. Finally write down the processing commands in a language which can be read by CNC machines. After that, we will do cnc machining. CNC machines will run a path set by the program and remove the materials which is not needed.  Thereby obtaining the initial aluminum prototype.


3, polishing: once cnc machining is done, there would be some burrs and knife marks. They can not be avoided relying on cnc machines only. So this requires human hands to address these issues. Typically, we will use polishing paste for polishing or to do sanding with sandpaper. Points we should pay attention during polishing are to use coarse sandpaper for rough polishing. Once the thick burrs are all removed, we will do fine polishing for some times.


4, the assembly: it refers to assembly all parts of the prototype together, and after that doing the assembly dimension test to see if any problems.


5. Spraying: to spray a layer of paint so as to make the prototype to reach the design with the same color. In general, we use paint ppg as it has bright color and lasts long, and is not easy to fall off.


6. The laser engraving: The laser destroys the paint surface of the product, so the engraved position will show nature color of aluminum or transparent.


7. Anodizing: Anodizing will form a thin film on the aluminum surface  to prevent the prototype from scratches.

Aluminum is the industry's most widely used non-ferrous structural materials which is commonly  used in aviation, aerospace, automotive, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and chemical industries.  With The rapid development of industrial economy, the demands for aluminum alloy welded structure parts are increasing, so the research of aluminum welding is accordingly deepening.  Aluminum is currently the most widely used alloys.


Prototyping: Generally when R & D of a new product is finished, some prototypes of the new products will be needed. Prototyping is the first step to verify feasibility of the product. It’s the most effective way to find out flaws, shortcomings and drawbacks of the product design. And thus we can make proper improvements until we can not identify any deficiencies from the prototypes. Usually a small quantity of trial production is required to identify further improvements during mass production. Generally a new product design could not be perfect. If we start mass production at the beginning and found there were some products were defective, then it would a big waste of materials, manpower and time. Making some prototypes will only spend few resources and time, but it could quickly identify problems, providing sufficient basis for making improvements for starting mass production.

Kinsai is an experienced manufacturer of cnc aluminum rapid prototyping products in China. Welcome to contact us for further discussion. 

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