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Looking for Brass CNC Machining parts China Supplier?

Kinsai is a China Precision CNC Machining parts manufacturer and supplier for world wide customers.
We would like to share some knowledge about brass cnc machining as below.

Brass material is widely used in mechanical manufacture, especially in instrument industry. Understanding the machinability of brass is of great significance to identify the manufacturing quality of materials, to specify the performance standards of materials and to improve the machining quality of parts.Our work is trying to quantitatively evaluate the CNC machining performance of several common brass materials, taking HP63-3 as the material standard, through comparative CNC machining test, to determine the CNC machining performance of HPB63-3, HPB59-1, HPB58-3 and H62 and other materials, for the reference of production and processing plants when choosing materials.

brass machining china

Generally, the machinability of the material can be evaluated by its machinability. For example, it is generally considered that the machinability of the material is poor because of its small thermal conductivity, high strength at high temperature, high elongation, good adhesion and serious work hardening. However, it is not easy to determine these indexes. For this reason, starting from the actual requirements of brass processing, we adopt the following evaluation indexes.

1. CNC tool life index. That is, under the same conditions, processing different grades of materials, CNC machining cnc tools to achieve the same wear of blunt standard experienced CNC machining time or the same amount of wear caused by CNC machining time. Cnc tool life for rough machining, the level of production efficiency, finish machining will affect surface roughness.
2. Machining surface roughness index, which is an important parameter to measure the quality of machined surface, is the main index to be used when selecting brass materials to make precision parts.
3. CNC machining shape index. CNC machining brass debris will affect the operation, especially in automatic machine cnc tool processing, CNC machining shape is an important factor affecting the normal work of the machine cnc tool.
4. CNC milling force index. CNC machining force not only affects the cnc tool life, but also involves the problem of energy conservation, in the case of a CNC machining laboratory or testing conditions, this is an easy to achieve the evaluation index.
5. CNC machining temperature index. Usually high CNC machining speed is needed to cut copper alloy. The high temperature of high speed CNC machining not only affects the cnc tool life, but also affects the precision of parts.

We try to evaluate the machinability of brass by using the above five indexes. The results of surface roughness test under the above conditions show that the surface roughness Ra = 0.16 ~ 0.32um can be easily machined for copper of four grades, but Ra < 0.16. Therefore, from the machinability of brass measured by machined surface roughness index, the difference between brass of several grades is not great.

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