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5 axis machining

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5 axis machining
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Name: 5 axis machining parts
We have rich experience of machining materials as below: 
Metal like aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, kovar, brass, copper, mild steel etc, 
Plastic like nylon, POM, carbon fiber, peek, acrylic, etc 
Machining process we can handle: 
cnc turning(and lathe machining), cnc milling(and mill machining), precision grinding, wire-edm cutting, cnc edm, die casting, reaming, tapping, and other secondary machining.
Surface finish: 
For aluminum machining parts generally natural/color anodized, chemical film, conversion coating, etc.
For stainless steel parts passivation, polishing, sandblasting, etc.
For steel parts black oxide, nickel/chrome/gold/silver plating, heat treatment, carburized, nitriding, etc.
For plastic parts, generally paiting, plating, etc
100% inspection of critical dimensions by caliper, micrometer, height gauge, projector, CMM, and other test equipments like hardness tester, roughness tester, film thickness tester, plug and thread gauges, etc.
Application fields: 
RF microwave, fiber optic, electronic components, semiconductor, automation machines, aerospace,
automotive, industrial printers, medical devices, bikes and scooters, etc.
Kinsai has rich experience of producing 5 axis machining parts with high quality and reasonable prices.
Producing high precision and high requirement parts is our strenth.
Welcome to send us email with drawings or NDA for further discussion.

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